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Thursday August 20, 2009



I don’t have a whole lot of personal fishing reports for you at the moment as I have been on the road for the past week.




I did get out with a bud on Silver Lake the morning I left for North Dakota (Tuesday, August 11) and landed 3 walleye and one smallmouth bass. All were taken while crankbaits behind in-line planer boards trolling for suspended fish. The bass was a 16-incher, and the walleye were 20/21 inches, and 17 and 16 inches, respectfully.


Then, yesterday (Wednesday, August 20), a bud and I trolled for lake trout and steelhead/Atlantics/browns on Elk Lake and had less-than-exceptional results.


One release off the Cannon downrigger was all we could conjure up. The fish hit a vintage half silver- half-gold-colored Luhr Jensen Flutter Spoon 125 down over 145 feet of water.


We marked a lot of fish down deep, as well many up in the thermocline. Several fish were seen following our baits on the Humminbird sonar, but just wouldn’t commit to eating our offerings.  


We finished off the evening by trolling 35 to 55 feet of water with an assortment of crankbaits for the elusive “whatever-hits-fish”. No whatever-hits-fish were taken.


I’ll be on the water quite a bit the next few weeks, and with post the results.



Dave ~ WildFishing

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