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Friday September 18, 2009

Here we are, just a few days from the official start of fall and it finally feels like summer's here. Because of the warm and stable weather, however, the catching of most all species has been good.

But before delvig into the local report, I thought I would make mention of the two pening world-record trout caught just last week - a 41.45-pound brown trout taken from the Big Manistee River on 09-09-09 by Tom Healy right here in Northern Michigan, and a 48-pound rainbow trout caught from Saskatchewan, Canada's Diefenbaker Lake by Sean Konrad on 09-05-09. Both of these fish are amazing, to say the least. And both anger's are true die-hards of sporfishing. 

And for in-depth photos and articles on these fish, you can check out the photo essays I did for on them. You'll see the slide shows to the left on their homepage.

On the local scean...

The smallmouth bass bite's been good this last week. I fished a tournament on South Lake Leelanau this last Sunday, and had a good bite, which placed myself and partner, Denny Childs, in 3rd place (pat, pat, pat ourselves on the back...). Most all our fish came on either a Booyah or Northland Pro Series spinnerbait fished in 4 to 6 feet of water.

Three days later, while on a guide trip on Elk Lake, the bite was the same, and on the same lures.

The walleye bite, too, has been good. Although I haven't fished it lately, I know of several walleye being caught from Lake Bellaire via several different techniques. South Lake Leelanau, too, has been good. The walleye there are up in the weeds, in waters 8 to 12 feet deep.

As for salmon, there hasn't been much of a run in the Boardman River yet. A buddy and I were out on West Bay last night to see if I could get bit while verticle jigging (which we didn't). There are chinook salmon EVERYWHERE out there, just waiting to run up the river. When the next cold front hits, the river will fill, I'm sure.

The Platte River's seen a trickle of coho and chinook. The fish in Paltte Bay, too, are on the verge of running. There's an ocasional fish being caught off the sure there, as well.

That's all for now. In the mean time, BE SAFE ON THE WATER!

Dave ~ WildFishing

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