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Client, Whit, just after he casted off my $7.99 Rapala Husky Jerk into the depths of Lake Skegemog.

Client, Paul, and a just-under-size pike from South Lake Leelanau.

Client, Tom, and a 5.5-pound smallie from Lake Skegamog.

Upper and Lower Peninsula Lakes
Tuesday May 27, 2008

It’s been a windy, wild ride for the past few weeks, but the fishing’s been good to spite.


I hit AuTrain Lake, near the town of Munising in Michigan’s U.P., during the four-day wind festival last Sunday through Wednesday (not a real festival, mind you). Thirty-plus mph NNW winds everyday made fishing extremely tough.


For the first time ever we came up empty handed for walleye at walleye camp. There were smallies and pike to save our days, though. (It’s a sad day when a northern saves your day.)  I was the big winner with a hooked but lost walleye out of Pete’s Lake. We had a great time even though the wind made it miserable on the water.


The walleye bite has been good up there. (Realy!) Pick your day and you’ll hit the fish!


Then, last Thursday, I did a guide trip on Leelanau County’s South Lake Leelanau. My clients caught 14 walleye, 6 smallmouth bass, 6 pike, and a few panfish. All fish came on a 4-inch rubber worm fished on a 1/8-ounch jighead, fished in 3 to 6 feet of water. The water averaged 54 degrees.


Friday, another guide trip—this time on Antrim County’s Lake Skegemog. Seventeen smallmouth bass came to the boat, with two over 4.25 and one over 5.5 pounds. Suspending bodybaits (jerkbaits) and whacky-rigged Senko-style worms took or fish this day. There was no winning water depth as the fish were spread out. The water here was 54 degrees, also. We checked out Elk Lake, but the water was barely 50 degrees and the fish nil and void.


I did a little trout fishing in a couple small creeks around Traverse City, yesterday (Memorial Monday) and landed three under-sized fish—two browns and one chinook smolt. I just couldn’t get anything going that day.




Dave ~ WildFishing   

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