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Close up of the smallest steelhead of the day.

A beautifully spotted male from the Betsie river.

Betsie River
Friday April 2, 2010

I fished the Betsie River with a couple buds for steelhead today; man it was hot! (The air tempature, that is).

And the catching was good.

We tried just about everything we thought a steelhead would want to hit - from spinners, to plugs, and everything in-between. The winning tecnique was drifting single egg flies under a float. Three fish came to the net today. All were males, with a 5-pounder the largest. Two were lightly colored up--not winter fish, but fish that had been in the system a while--and one was still quite silver.

Most of the steelhead we saw were either up on gravel and spawning, or, drop-backs in the tail-end of some runs. The river was higher than I though it would be (but not high by any means) for as little rain as we'vein the area this past month.

My thoughts on this spring's steelhead run in the Northwestern Lower Peninsula? Don't give up yet! Who knows what could come if we finally get a storm front moving in...

Here's hopeing you all have a great Easter weekend!

And as always, be safe on the water!

Dave ~ WildFishing


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