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My bud, Russ Maddin, with a nice whitefish from East Bay. This fish ate a Lindy Viking Spoon.

Here's an overhead view of some chinook in one of the rivers here in the North. There are still a few milling around the waterways.

All waters of the area
Wednesday October 15, 2008

Fall’s here - the leaf colors are at peak and the water’s have cleared even more than they were on the lakes that have turned over... And the fish are biting. What a great time of year!


Both East and West Grand Traverse Bays have been good for whitefish, with East Bay being the more popular of the two for anglers. I’ve been out a couple times on East Bay now and have had good results every time.


Vertical jigging with metal jigging spoons, such as Hopkins Jigging Spoons, Lindy Viking Jigs, and Rattle Snakies, has been my best ploy. Some of my by buds have been doing well with handmade Sand Kickers.


The whitefish have been coming from water 75 feet to 110 feet deep. Watch for them on your graph – when you see ‘em, stop and jig. Their overall size has been better this year than in the past, with 4 to 6 pounders common. All the whitefish I’ve cleaned have been chuck full of gobies. (Well, there’s one good use for them.)


On the perch scene have been Big Glen Lake and North Lake Leelanau. Fishing with wigglers, minnows, and chunks of shrimp on 2-hook perch rigs have been the most popular tactic. Sometimes, though, a metal jigging spoon, such as the ones mentioned for whitefish, will take the bigger perch.


As always, some days you have to sort through a bunch of little fish to get a few keepers, and then there’s the days you whack a bunch of jumbos. Fish have been found in waters from 35 feet deep to 65 feet. Use your graph to find them, and then fish them.


As for salmon, there are still a few fish in the Boardman River, as well Elk River. The numbers, though, have been down in these systems—about half for chinook and darn-near devoid of coho. The number of fish harvested at the Boardman Weir, downtown Traverse City, is testament to this fact. There is, however, the occasional steelhead now being caught.


The Betsie River’s still got a lot of chinook in it. Seems this river was the big winner this year… As far as numbers of fish, that is. “Impacted” is how my buds who guide on it put it. The Big Manistee just got another small push of salmon, and, a few steelheads.


Back in the inland waters is the walleye fishing in both Long Lake and South Lake Leelanau. This is the season for some of the best catches of walleye of the year! Some of my buds are proving that fact with limit catches in the evenings.


Suspending bodybaits, such as Rapala Husky Jerks and Smithwick Rogues, twitched with a stop-and-go over the weed tops is, as usual, producing the most fish. Look for the last-of-the-seasons green weeds (cabbage best) in waters 4 to 10 feet deep.


Well, that’s all for  now. (That’s enough, isn’t it?)




Dave ~ WildFishing

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